"Enhancing life around great food”

A East-meets-West dining experience which is reflected in the décor and food selection.

From the truly homey Neapolitan cuisine to the Japanese selection of sushi and sashimi. The cuisine of Cubo is highlighted by the excellent quality and authenticity of products used, all organically grown in our gardens: 'extra virgin olive oil, jams, tomatoes, lemons”. The fish is caught daily in the nearby waters while the eggs are from our chickens.

A wide selection of wine and champagne to drink on our terrace while admiring the astonishing view of the Bay of Naples and Vesuvius.

You can choose between our Indoor space with a luxury Asian décor, our ground terrace surrounded by Lemon trees or our Rooftop terrace overlooking the Bay of Naples and Vesuvius.

A journey of excellent quality where the real stars are the flavours, aromas and colours of  Sorrento and Amalfi Coast. 

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